Services Luma 3 Productions Provides

Video Production

Video content has become increasingly important to overall marketing strategies for all types of businesses. Video is an excellent way to advertise your business (big or small). There is a big demand for video content by consumers. Get in touch with Luma 3 Productions, located in Wilmington, NC.

We can handle your video project from start to finish. Or, we can assist with project you have already started. Being a small family run company, we understand

Video Transfers

Many of us have recorded countless memories over the years. Whether that be a wedding, a party, or an event in your child’s life, let us preserve those memories by transferring your tapes or films to digital.

Here are some of the formats we can transfer. VHS, Hi8, DVCAM, MiniDV, BetaSP, DigiBeta, BetaSX, U-Matic (3/4″), audio reels and cassettes, 8mm and 16mm film.

We can provide you will an edit friendly codec such as Apple ProRes, or provide a universal MP4 file. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Statistics have shown that using professional pictures and video will help reduce the time a property is on the market and will sell for a higher price than those properties not using professional pictures.

Luma 3 Productions can provide stunning HDR pictures, virtual tours, along with aerial video and still pictures to show off you property.


Offering High-Quality Aerial Photography and Videography.

We are licensed and insured to operate small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, such as drones. Because of this, you can be confident we’ll provide you with quality aerial photography and videography. We can provide you with drone photography and video for real estate listings, wedding shots, and much more. Enjoy professional work when you work with us.