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Car photography
Tape transfers

Luma 3 Productions is a small business, providing video production with expert videographers filming in Wilmington, NC and Northern Virginia. We also specialize in converting VHS tapes to digital formats. We have the equipment to convert many outdated video formats to digital (please see our Transfer page to see a list of all of the video transfer services we provide).  At Luma 3 Productions, we can provide you with professional video production, tape transfers, real estate photography, real estate videography and aerial / drone photography and services. We deliver individuals and businesses alike with quality work. Our family-owned and operated company has been in this industry for over 20 years, so you can be confident you’ll get the high-quality results you deserve.

Real estate photography

Real Estate Photography

Visual marketing plays a major role in real estate. You need good videos and pictures of the home—which is where we come in. Luma3 provides professional photography, videography, aerials, and 3D virtual tours.

Video Production in Wilmington NC

Video Tape Transfer Service

We can transfer your VHS tapes or films to a digital format. Whether it be a consumer format like VHS or Hi8 to professional formats like 3/4″ or Beta SP.

Video Production in Wilmington NC

Video Production

Video is powerful tool to promote your business. Every year people are consuming more and more video content. Let us create a video for you or your business!

Aerial photography


We can capture beautiful aerial video and photography as licensed professionals!  FAA Part 107 Licensed drone pilot.

Barn Owl Primitive Promo

Video production

Cabin and Bubble in Linden, VA

Real Estate

Analog to Digital Transfers

Digital Transfers

Some of our work

Documentary on the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, CA.

Audi Alcantara upgrades

Short video on interior upgrades.

Repticon Charolotte, NC

Video we produced of the Repticon reptile show in Charlotte, NC.

Before and After

Take a look at the amazing before and after virtual tour of this property.

Licensed and insured to operate small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Aerial photography and videography gives you a whole new perceptive.

It provides a unique bird’s eye view. This can be beneficial for many projects. 


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