Tape and Film Transfers

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Tape and Film Transfer:  If you have old tapes or films that you would like transferred, contact us!  We can transfer a large variety of tape formats, whether it be consumer or professional tapes or films.  We have the equipment to handle large quantities of transfers.  We’ve supported the archival process of large organizations by transferring a warehouse full of old media to digital.  This allows them to use this classic footage in current video promotions and maintain history while making better use of the warehouse space.  However, on the flip side, no job is too small.  Transferring precious memories into digital formats make a sweet gift for loved ones.

All tape transfers are completed at our Wilmington, NC location and our Northern, VA location. Here are some of the formats we can transfer. VHS, BetaMax, BetaSP, DigiBeta, BetaSX, Hi8, MiniDV, DVCAM, U-Matic (3/4″), and more!

We help preserve memories by performing tape and film transfers to digital to bring them into the modern day. We can digitize your tapes to an edit friendly codec such as Apple ProRes or a more universal format like MP4. Once the media has been digitized, we can deliver the files through the cloud (Google Drive) or on a thumb-drive (depending on the quantity of tapes being transferred). This can make a great gift for family or friends, especially around the holidays. Plus you’re clearing out all the old tapes which are taking up precious space.

Depending on how your tapes have been stored over the years, they can deteriorate over time. This is why we recommend transferring to a digital format.

Luma 3 Productions can edit your tapes once they have been digitized. Whether it be simply combining multiple tapes on one file, or a more complex edit. Contact us for more info!

Tape transfers
Tape transfers