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Aerial Photography
Aerial photography
Aerial photography
Aerial photography

Aerial Drone Photography

Welcome to our Aerial Photography and Videography Services page! We are thrilled to offer our clients a unique and exciting way to capture breathtaking aerial footage and imagery. Our aerial drone pilot is FAA Part 107 certified.

Providing aerial drone services, including aerial real estate photography, event coverage, commercial advertising, and more. Our drone technology allows us to capture high-quality images and videos from angles that would be impossible to achieve with traditional photography methods. Whether you are looking to showcase a property, document an event, or create a captivating commercial, our drone photography services can help you achieve your goals.

Seeing everything from a bird’s eye view gives you a different perspective then from the ground. Aerial photography and videography is readily available these days for not only the professional but the consumer too. One difference is the professional has the experience, another is they are FAA Part 107 certified. This is the reason to hire a professional to capture what you need captured from the sky. Luma 3 Productions is Part 107 certified and can take care of any approvals, if needed, to conduct a safe drone flight.

Drones are used to sell real estate, surveying, in cinema, and general video use. When done correctly the images that you can capture from above will set your project apart from the rest.

Contact us to learn more about our drone photography services and how we can help you achieve your visual goals.

Pricing starts at $275 for aerial photography/videography, but can provide you with a custom quote based on the projects needs.

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